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CONTEXWeb provides your customers real-time conference access and control anytime, from anywhere in the world. The powerful software platform enables dynamic meeting management through any modern, standard Web browser, ensuring their conferencing resources are always available.


Customers who hold meetings with geographically dispersed groups, facilitate large attended event calls, or frequently host unattended conferences are among the many who find CONTEXWeb a vital daily tool.

  • Web-Enabled Collaboration: CONTEXWeb provides meeting hosts with a convenient, browser-based means to view and control conference end-users.
  • Open Architecture Customization: Designed to allow quick and easy customization of the end-user interface, the open architecture enables service providers to create specialized environments for different service levels and branded offerings.
  • Fortifying Call Security: By monitoring conferences in real time, hosts are able to see every participant, observe their current status, and eject unauthorized callers.
  • Widespread Compatibility: CONTEXWeb integrates seamlessly with the dynamic functionality of Summit platforms. A single system can host operator attended, unattended, on-demand (reservationless), and CONTEXWeb-controlled conferences — all at the same time. No matter the call type, CONTEXWeb can enhance the experience.
  • Convenient Tools: CONTEXWeb features convenient, easy-to-use controls for conference management, voting, Q&A session management, text chat, and more.
  • Massive Scalability: To serve large pools of ports, CONTEXWeb is able to scale across multiple Summit systems. Users can host thousands of parties in a single call, conduct conference-wide voting sessions, and, with Multibridge Q&A, view and control question and answer sessions across multiple bridges