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For the past decade, Compunetix has added value to the legal sector across the board. From law firms to courtrooms, Compunetix solutions continue to improve communication and reduce costs for all types of court proceedings. From local to state to federal courts, Compunetix has helped pave the way for telephonic court appearances as the go-to alternative to ensure timely appearances and judicial decisions. Over the years, Compunetix has developed numerous product features specifically designed to meet the requirements of our legal-industry customers.

Remote Court Proceedings


VCourt is a solution for larger court systems that enhances remote appearances with end-to-end automation. Integrated into the customer’s website, users can pull up their court case and register and pay for hearings, which then get automatically set up in the court systems case management site. Not only does this tool allow courts to monetize remote hearings, it also simplifies the scheduling and management of cases overall.

Created by ATI Connect and Streamwrite, Compunetix provides the backbone to this solution with our state of the art audio and video communication technologies.


This purpose-built solution allows users to schedule and manage remote appearances for court proceedings of all kinds.It provides seamless access to connect judges, attorneys and other parties for hearings, trials, mediation, arbitration and more. This comprehensive solution for telephonic court appearances is adaptable, innovative and intuitive and integrates with most existing court tools available today.

These solutions can be customized and built to support every demanding requirement in the legal sector. With triple-layer security and a Compunetix disaster recovery account, the legal sector will have true peace of mind that their critical communications are both secure and reliable.

Video Proceedings

Integrated with our premier video conferencing platform,EVERGREEN™, Court Connect and VCourt offer enhanced communication and visibility for remote court proceedings.

  • HD video and high quality audio
  • Multi-point video connectivity allowing courts to utilize existing resources
  • Screen sharing and full conference call capabilities
  • Multiple security and call entry options
  • Customizable interface


The Media Management Console allows Court Attendants to manage calls via a purpose-built graphical interface. Attendant capabilities include:

  • Active talker visual indicator to identify which lines are speaking or making noise
  • Private sub-conferencing rooms for audio only participants
  • Icons to indicate which participants have joined via audio or video endpoints
  • Mute, hold, disconnect, record and dial out controls

Legal Collaboration & Consultation

Law firms need a convenient & secure way to communicate with their clients. With the right tools available, lawyers can maximize their productivity and minimize their time traveling from one client meeting to the next.

Compunetix’s reliable and secure solutions aim to change the way lawyers and their clients communicate. Our audio & HD video technology offer flexibility and convenience to all parties involved without sacrificing communicative quality, while our secure recording capabilities allow detailed archiving for each client and case. These high quality, brandable solutions will help take your professionalism and productivity to the next level.

Secure & Convenient Client Communications

Our audio and HD video technology offers flexibility and convenience to all parties involved, while our secure recording capabilities allow detailed archiving for each client and case.

  • Multi-layered security & authentication, dedicated resources, and encryption
  • Delegation features allow office assistants to schedule for attorneys without having full access to their account
  • Enhance productivity by minimizing travel time and improving overall efficiency
  • Call management tool interface for sub-conferencing, dial out, Active Talker identification and more


Client Billing Integration

This tool streamlines the billing process by allowing lawyers to easily track their time with each individual client using unique account codes.

  • Can be utilized during delegation
  • Require account code for on-demand calls
  • Detailed billing reports based on account code
  • Account codes entered at scheduling via Outlook integration or web client