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The CONTEX Reservation, Scheduling, and Billing (RSB) 5 system enables efficient management of all back-office operations for unattended and attended conferences. The RSB comprehensively merges the three elements of conferencing—reservations, scheduling, and billing—through a feature-rich, web-based interface.


The RSB 5 provides greater scalability and advanced performance for resource allocation and conference management.

  • Reservations: Arrange reservations for on-demand conferences, one time meetings, or recurring conferences. Weekly, biweekly, or complex patterned reservations  can also be scheduled.
  • Meeting Notifications: In addition to meeting invitations, hosts and guests can also receive reminders for upcoming conferences, iCalendar attachments, and other notifications.
  • Specified User Roles: Easily assign user access levels for system administration, operations account administration and more.
  • Structured Account Management: Effortlessly create or remove hierarchical customer accounts.
  • Multi-Tenant Support: Simultaneously support multiple tenants accessing the system on custom client interfaces.
  • Data Migration & Integration: Import/integrate information from other databases, including the CONTEX® Passcode Server.
  • Reports: Generate and view reports detailing reservations, scheduling, and system utilization with a single click, or effortlessly export report details into various mediums including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe® PDF and more