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Present a More Personal Digital Delivery with Video Call Center

Establishing and maintaining customer relationships is the bedrock of the financial services industry. With more consumers opting for the convenience of mobile, self-service banking, many financial professionals find it difficult to preserve live interactions with clients.

Not anymore.

With ever-improving and innovative technology, your clients can now have the convenience of banking on-the-go, with the personal interaction of a live banking representative. Compunetix Video Call Center (VCC) for banking enables clients to securely connect with a representative wherever they are, whenever they want, using their PC, smart devices, or from banking kiosks. No downloads required.

Video Call Center allows website visitors to engage in a live video conversation with a bank representative to discuss their requirements and immediately sign up for an account. The bank agent can easily transfer the video call to other bank representatives or escalate the call the supervisor.

Video banking is the cornerstone of how thriving financial institutions plan to serve clients moving forward. Not only does it shift self-service banking to a more human-like delivery for all service channels, but financial professionals are also experiencing increased productivity because of efficient and effective video collaboration.

Video Call Center Capabilities Include:

  • Effortless Customer Engagement
  • Clients can easily connect with one-click (no download required) to access a live financial representative. Live agents can also quickly transfer calls and escalate to a multiparty call when necessary.

  • Touchless Services via Kiosks
  • Enable touchless video chat applications for self-service banking kiosks, which provides a level of immediate, expert support to satisfy even your mostdemanding customers.

  • Fully Brandable and Customizable
  • Deliver a customized user experience based on your brand and workflow requirements. VCC can seamlessly integrates with your financial institution’s website.

  • Collaborative Functionalities
  • Financial professionals and clients can share their desktop, applications, files, and more.

  • Widespread Accessibility
  • Accessible from browsers or smart devices, without any download required. There is no need for proprietary equipment and VCC can be used with existing kiosks and ATMs.

  • Confidentiality and Data Security
  • Secure and encrypted media and data connectivity combined with secure password authentication provides confidentiality and expert security.

  • Deployment Options
  • VCC for banking deployment is available as a cloud service on can be hosted on-premises.