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Optimize the Consumer Experience

Remotely engage with customers from mobile devices or in-store kiosks

With consumer spending reaching record highs, retail companies struggle with securing enough in-store support to represent their brand and handle customer service requests. Video Call Center (VCC) allows retailers to manage customer support effectively and efficiently, keeping customers engaged while allowing for considerable cost savings. Consumers are ready for the next generation of self-service technologies that enable shorter wait times, simple checkout processes, and a more convenient shopping experience.

Retailers can now curate a seamless self-service experience with live video and chat integrations into websites and/or in-store displays. This provides additional customer service support during busy seasons or peak traffic times. VCC can also facilitate a mixed environment of live assistance and stored videos for education or promotions and enables 24/7 retail offerings.

Video Call Center Capabilities Include:

  • Personalized branding
  • No download required for easy access
  • Lessens the need for dedicated in-store support
  • Once-click video connection from kiosk or smart device
  • Efficient use of specialists, which expedites problem solving and improves customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility of solution allows for the implementation of emerging, or changing requirements
  • Route calls efficiently with video call transfer capability
  • Creates an editable audit trail