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Reliable, Interoperable and Feature-Rich Video Conferencing Platform


EVERGREEN Video Conferencing Infrastructure helps IT teams to:

  • Provide scalable video meetings
  • Manage meetings with features tailored for concierge services
  • Connect professional video conferencing room systems (H.323/SIP) with Compunetix WebRTC client (Companion)
  • Connect multiple media networks
  • Provide interoperability for various video endpoints
  • Guarantee media resources for the best video quality and reliability at scale
  • Provide the features to run large event calls (Q&A sessions, lecture mode, etc.)
  • Provide multi-tenant environments for large organizations and service providers


  • Provides the same benefits as the EVERGREEN, from the cloud
  • Port flexibility: instantly adding ports as your conference needs increase
  • Unlimited availability: every virtual port is available on-demand, providing you with limitless access to your conferencing resources
  • Subscription model based on the number of ports
  • Tenant access to manage internal users, groups and conferences


Operator Interface for Assisted Video Calls

Support Attended and Unattended Conferences

Question and Answer Interface

User-Friendly Web Scheduling Interface

Continuous Presence with Customized Layouts per Site

Highly-Secure Encrypted Web Endpoints

Multi-Tenant Capabilities for Efficient Deployment

Two-Way Content Sharing