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For energy and utility companies, meeting recovery time objectives during an outage is key to meeting the needs of their customers.  In these situations, having the critical conferencing infrastructure available is a must. Our reliable conferencing solutions eliminate the need to spend time and valuable resources resolving the issue one department at a time. With Compunetix, it is easier than ever for energy and utility providers to manage a crisis or outage and share important information efficiently and effectively.

Here are just a few ways our Emergency Conferencing & Notification systems can help to enhance overall response efforts:

  • Improve response times, minimizing monetary and other damages
  • Provide concrete data to improve future processes via automatic call recording
  • Guarantee system availability with high availability options regardless of outside circumstances (natural disasters, etc.)
  • Leverage system’s full conferencing capabilities for more than just emergency response efforts, if needed
  • Utilize existing infrastructure


In the event of an outage, a designated outage response worker will dial a dedicated number which tells the system to create a conference and triggers a blast dial-out to the other members of the response team. Each team member is then joined directly to the emergency conference in progress, or, if configured, team members are prompted to join before being added.

  • Automatic blast dial to a list of emergency personnel
  • Supports an unlimited number of emergency groups
  • Up to 3 dial out phone numbers per person
  • Phone number mapping to an emergency group, requiring no user input to initiate an emergency conference
  • Blast dial initiated when first person dials in (based on dialed number), no additional user input required

Mass Notification

Another powerful function of the emergency blast dial feature is its ability to deliver a pre-recorded message to specified groups. From quickly notifying affected customers to important internal notifications, this feature makes it easy to get crucial messages out to customers and large groups in a matter of minutes.

  • Mass dial out and notification to a list of specified personnel or effected customers
  • Recorded message can be pre-scheduled or distributed at a moment’s notice
  • Can direct unique messages to different groups
  • Up to 3 dial out phone numbers per person
  • System leaves message with recorded notification for those who do not answer the incoming call
  • Emergency Notification initiated when first person dials in (based on dialed number), no additional user input required

High Availability

ConferenceContinuity™ is Compunetix’s high availability offering, which includes a dedicated, stand-alone server that integrates with your platform and provides high availability and disaster recovery in a simple, easy to manage package insuring that your system will be available in all critical circumstances.

ConferenceContinuity ensures 24/7 availability by proactively detecting failure signatures and switching to a hot standby server before failure causes user downtime. With its built-in replication, WAN optimization, continuous availability, disaster recovery and data protection capabilities, the ConferenceContinuity Engine provides the most comprehensive protection.

Flexible Deployment Options

On-premises deployments allow the servers to remain within your network and behind your company firewall, enhancing overall security and reliability. If high availability is enabled servers can be geographically dispersed to ensure to ensure system availability even in the event of a local outage or natural disaster at primary server location.

A Private-Hosted deployment allows you to maintain a dedicated solution without the cost or administration of housing it at your location. A Standard-Hosted deployment enables usage on one of our multi-tenant servers. In both these deployments, your system is located at one of our secure co-location facilities.